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Xtreem Cleaners in Charleston's Best Choice For All Your Hotel Help Needs!


Xtreem Cleaners is one of Charleston's leading janitorial and commercial cleaning companies.  Our staff, managers and owners are well trained in all types of cleaning services and we love it!

Unlike temp agencies, our crews are trained and have lots of experience in cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, carpet cleaning and other janitorial services.  We don't hire just anyone off the street and send them to your hotel.  Haven't you had enough of the high turnover and poor attitude towards getting boards done.

From normal stay-overs to those busy Sunday checkouts, we have the staff ready and willing to help, do a great job and get those housekeeping numbers up.  No more staying late to clean missed rooms with hotel help from Xtreem Cleaners.  Call us today.

office services

We do carpets, kitchens and all services that a janitorial company does


Our housekeepers are well trained and ready to go.

are you ready to experience clean?


Good hotel housemen are so important for the housekeepers to get done on time!

more hotel help available


As a true janitorial company, we have the latest equipment and the trained staff to clean room carpets, hallways, common areas, etc to keep your customers happy.  Call us to learn more about our carpet cleaning abilities.



Our janitorial services include many things like, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, grout cleaning and so much more.  Call us today with all your janitorial needs.

We look forward to helping you with all your hotel help needs.


HOTEL laundry

Have your laundry ready every morning for the housekeepers to get to work.

the very best in housekeeping and laundry services : call us for all your hotel help needs today!