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Our hotel laundry experts are the best in the business.  We understand that it all starts and depends on the laundry room to keep the linens ready to go for the housekeepers.  If the laundry falls behind so does everyone else.

If your hotel is falling behind in the laundry area and your housekeepers and housemen are waiting for linen, it is time to call Xtreem Cleaners and get the hotel help you need today.


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As Charleston's leading janitorial companies, we can help in many places that a normal temp agency would fall short.

Besides supplying you with the best housekeepers, laundry and housemen in the area, we can also deep clean carpets, clean windows, kitchens, office areas, break rooms, common areas and so much more.

Call us today for all of your hotel help needs.

At Xtreem Cleaners we understand how important it is to have a crew of housekeepers and room attendants that get their boards done on-time, every time, even on those busy Sundays.   Our housekeepers will you get the rooms finished correctly to keep your customers happy and always keep your hotel numbers up.

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